2017 Desert Warrior "Lucky 11" Team Competition

2017 Desert Warrior "Lucky 11" Team Competition Series at CrossFit Forbidden
11/11/2017 09:00AM
$99/Team; 2-Person teams (M/M or F/F)
2 Competition Levels: Scaled (Beginner/Intermediate) or RX (RX/Elite)
All pre-registrants will receive "Lucky 11" competition t-shirt.
(*Event Price is $99/TEAM - please disregard $99 individual cost under "Registration Info")

Main MetCon: Ascending Chipper 11 Minute AMRAP:
Only 1 Partner working at a time.
11 Snatch (Rx: 135/85, Scaled: 95/55)
22 Burpee Box Jumps (RX 30/24, Scaled  24/20)
33 Hang power cleans (same barbell)
44 Deadlifts (same barbell)
55 Double-Unders (Rx: Dubs, Scaled: DUBS OR 165 singles)

Floater: Wall Ball / Handstand Holds / Burpees
7 Minute cap for reps of Wall-ball shots. One partner holds a handstand on the wall while other partner completes as many wall-ball shots as possible.  Once partner comes down from handstand hold BOTH partners must perform 5 synchronized burpees before switching positions. Partners alternate and score is reps of wall-ball shots.

Strength: 11 Min Cap
BUY IN: Both partners must each complete 15 C&J's (one partner at a time) for a total of GRACE (30 reps). Partner two can not start their BUY IN until partner 1 is complete (RX 135/85, Scaled 95/55).  With remaining time after Buy-In…. find 11 rep max front squat from the ground.  Athletes alternate with a combined rep count of 11 unbroken front squats (1 athlete must complete a minimum of 3 of the 11 reps. Second partner must complete the remaining reps up to 11).  Score is final load for 11 reps.

November 11, 2017
Time: 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Main Location
Event Price: $99.00
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